Mosaic Gardens at Willowbrook

LINC Housing
Drew Child Care
Concept Design

As part of LINC Housing’s rapid response to public demand for affordable housing, Mosaic Gardens at Willowbrook North will provide 100 units of affordable permanent supportive housing for families and persons with special needs in addition to a commercial daycare facility for 88 children. Accelerated by aligned interests, this project demonstrates the possibility of swift agency processing. As land owner and governing jurisdiction, Los Angeles County is working in concert with City leadership’s mission to quickly increase the availability of quality affordable housing.

The site is conveniently located within 800 feet of the intersection of Metrorail’s Blue and Green lines at the corner of Willington Avenue and 118th Street. As part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Campus in the Willowbrook neighborhood of Compton, this strategic location allows tenants easy access to public transportation, jobs, child care, medical needs and education. The building wraps around a central courtyard which is the outdoor play area for the child care, protecting and screening the interior from the noise and pollution of Wilmington and the nearby 105 freeway. The massing allows peeks into the building at strategic locations and yields to its southern neighbor; the Center for Public Health, with a lower horizontal bar massing that houses the project’s support services and common area. The exterior design incorporates the movement and energy of its transit-oriented location with subtle flashes of blue and green. At 118th Street the design addresses its transition to the single family residential neighborhood to the west by pulling back from the edge at grade to soften the sidewalk with lush planting while lightly screened balconies above project towards the quieter neighborhood to strengthen the sense of community as well as provide surveillance.