Sepulveda + Manchester

Caladan Investments
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Designed for the lifestyles of young professionals and students, The Apartments at Sepulveda & Manchester adds 87 market-rate residential units and a small commercial space to this LAX adjacent community. In addition to multi-level mezzanine units, the building’s amenities include a sizeable lounge, fitness center, and multiple rooftop decks with 360 degree views of the city and descending airplanes. 

Utilizing Tier-2 Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) incentives for density, the building provides 8 units at extremely low rent levels per the Average Medium Income (AMI) for the area.

The building is located within the Downtown Westchester Community Design Overlay (CDO) and within the jurisdiction of the Kentwood Home Guardians, the oldest HOA in the United States.  

To maximize density, the building’s form is extruded up from its narrow “L”-shaped parcel.  

A pleasing exterior composition compensates for a nearly flat facade. The illusion of depth results from the manipulation of shadow lines, pattern, and material variation of light and dark tones. Faux wood panels bring residential warmth and help to transition from a commercial district to the single-family neighborhood to the North and West of the site.