Taylor Equities, LLC
Design Phase

5101 Pico politely makes the transition from an adjacent residentially zoned and diverse neighborhood into a 140,000 SF denser housing model on a 32,000 SF full block lot in a commercially zoned transit corridor. Expected to open in 2025, the development replaces a long-standing neighborhood struggle with a poorly managed liquor store where melees and shootings are frequent. With its proximity to mass transit and restriction of 13 of its 136 dwelling units for extremely low incomes, 5101 Pico utilizes local TOC policy incentives for additional density, and
reduced parking and side yards.

Unit sizes range from large 2-story live-work, 3-bedroom units at 1,200 SF to studios just over 400 SF to promote a diverse mix of tenants. The project additionally takes advantage of SB13 by planning for twelve future additional ADUs to initially operate as tenant office space addressing the current post-COVID work from home trend. This permits the project to fully utilize its allowable FAR. The site offers an 8’ difference in grade rising seven stories at the southwest corner at the main entry and six stories at the
opposite, northeast corner near the adjacent residential zone at the alley.

In lieu of providing excessively onerous commercial use required by local zoning, the design exploits the inefficiency of its lot dimensions with respect to parking to employ the idea of wrapping the base with 2 story live-work units, reinforcing the goal and design intent of the project. This approach effortlessly transitions the adjacent residential scale and language from the neighborhood to the north and unites it with the scale of Pico Boulevard to create an invigorating, walkable neighborhood experience setting a precedent for the future.

Groundbreaking is anticipated to begin in Q2 2024.