Cadence: 11408 Central Ave

LINC Housing
Lahmon Architects
Under Construction
Sq Ft
LINC Housing

Developed with LINC Housing for an empty site in Central Ave near the 105 freeway in Watts, Cadence will provide 64 units of housing organized around community spaces and new planting. The building’s two volumes frame the entrance. The northern volume, clad in dark grey with a pitched parapet line, references the historic craftsman style homes that make up the surrounding neighborhood. The volume to the south, clad in white has a more modern composition with recessed balconies and ample glazing. Landscaped, outdoor spaces are provided at the first floor as well as atop the more secluded second floor podium for added security and privacy, and includes raised planters, seating, and an outdoor gathering space. The development will include 11 trees, and 5 more at the sidewalk around the building bringing planting to a neighborhood that is notoriously devoid of greenspace. A large community room is directly accessible to the sidewalk. The complex also includes a computer room, a wellness room, a laundry room, and a lounge room. The project is designed to be LEED certified, features a roof-top thermal water heating system, and includes high efficacy light fixtures and EnergyStar rated appliances. It is also designed to be gray-water ready for future gray water irrigation and pre-wired for electric vehicle charging stations.